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    English-taught Master Program
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    English-taught Master Program 
    Chemical Engineering and Technologies
    The major aims to cultivate cross-cultural application-oriented engineering technicians equipped with basic theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in the field of chemical engineering and technology, techniques, design and discipline-crossing. These technicians are also equipped with entrepreneur spirit, marketing savvy, innovative capability and international outlook, who can well engage in production, technical design, new-product development and research, quality inspection, production techniques and operation management and so on. 

    Enrollment Advantage 
    Chemical Engineering and Technology is the provincial key subject. 
    Chemical Engineering and Technology has the authority to launch graduate program of first-level discipline. 
    Chemical Engineering and Technology is the provincial key constructive specialty and the national extraordinary constructive specialty. 

    Main Courses 
    Advanced Chemical Separation Technology 
    Advanced Organic Synthesis Chemistry 
    Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 
    Advanced Reaction Engineering 
    Advances in Chemical Science and Technology 
    Natural product chemistry 
    Biomass Resources Utilization 
    Process Design and Optimization 
    Advanced Biochemistry 
    Green Chemistry and Chemical Technology 
    Catalysis and Catalyst 
    Enzyme Engineering, ect. 

    Major Fields 
    Chemical Engineering 
    Chemical Technique 
    Biological Chemical Engineering 
    Applied Chemistry 
    Industrial Catalysis 

    Graduation Orientation 
    The master graduate of this major has independently creative scientific research ability in Chemical Engineering discipline or related field ,mainly work on the field of Chemical Engineering and Technology design, research, education, management, investment and so on. 
    The master graduates can engage in teaching, scientific research design and technology management work in the institutions of Colleges and universities, scientific research and design institutes, enterprises units 
    Master Tutors
    Cai ChenggangChen JieHuang JunLi YinLv PengSha RuyiWang   Hongpeng; Wang LijunWei PeilianXing ChuangYe ChunlinZhang YanZhu Ruiyu;
    Address: No. 318, Liuhe Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University of Science & Technology. Zip Code: 310023
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