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    1st International Symposium on Nanocellulosic Materials
    From:admin1  Writer:Lijun Wang  Time:2017-01-06 12:53   Read:0

    1st International Symposium on Nanocellulosic Materials
    Call for Papers
    The Nanocellulose and Materials Committee of the China Technical Association of Paper Industry (NMC of CTAPI), was established in November 2015, with the purposes of strengthening the exchanges and cooperation among researchers in the universities, research institutes and industries in the fields of pulp and paper, forest products, and nanomaterials technologies, and promoting the transition and renewal of the industry by accelerating the commercialization and application of nanocellulosic materials in different sectors. About 50 representatives from 30 member organizations attended the committee inaugural meeting, with excellent presentations on the subject of nanocellulosic materials by some attendants. Considering that the field of nanocellulosic materials is world-wide and is advancing rapidly, the committee decided to hold the 1st International Symposium of Nanocellulosic Materials on May 20-21, 2017, Hangzhou, China. Specialists all over the world who are interested in the research and development of nanocellulosic materials, either from academia or industry, are welcome to attend this conference, to share your valuable experiences and achievements.
    We sincerely hope the symposium will help you keep up to date with the newest research findings and establish new contacts. I am looking forward to seeing you in Hangzhou, one of the most popular tourist destinations in China.
    Paper Submission
    You are welcome to submit an abstract before October 31st, 2016. Template is attached for your convenience. Each contribution will be considered by the committee members of the conference, and the result will be notified by December 31st, 2016. Those accepted are encouraged but not obliged to submit a full paper. Please use Microsoft Word in preparing your manuscripts. All the accepted contributions will be combined into a conference preprint, and an electronic copy will be delivered to every participant. In a later date, with your permission, your full paper will be included in a formal proceeding, or recommended for publication in our scientific journals.
    The main scope of the conference is intended to include (but not limited to):
    1. Highly efficient methods for preparation and production of nanocellulosic materials
    2. Characterization of the morphology and properties of nanocellulosic materials
    3. Modification of nanocellulosic materials to improve their performance
    4. Applications of nanocellulosic materials in traditional areas (e.g. paper and packaging products)
    5. Applications of nanocellulosic materials in non-traditional areas (e.g. rheology modifiers, food additives, coating & paintings, oil & gas, composites, etc.)
    6. Novel and emerging applications of nanocellulosic materials (medicine, biology, etc.)
    7. Other related topics.
    Time Table
    l Abstract submission:  Oct. 31st 2016 
    l Notification of acceptance: Dec. 31st, 2016
    l Full paper submission (not obliged): Feb. 28th, 2017
    l Early-birds for registration: To be notified later
    l On-site registration: May 19th, 2017
    l Main conference:  May 20th-21th, 2017
    l Post-conference tour: May 22th, 2017
    Venue, Accommodation and City Tour
    l The venue of the symposium will be in a good hotel in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Detailed information on hotels and transportation will be provided later.
    l Tour information on Hangzhou city can be found through the website Detailed tour arrangements will be provided later.
    Registration Fees
    l Full Participant:
    l Single Day Participant:
    l Spouse:
    l Student Participant:
    Conference Organizing Committee
    Chair: Chunyu Cao, Secretary-General of CTAPI, President of CNPPRI
    Secretary-General:Lijun Wang, Vice Dean of School of Biological and Chemical Engineering/School of Light Industry, Zhejiang University of Science & Technology
    Chao Tian
    Huang Lei
    Fengshan Zhang
    Jinsong Li
    Ruitao Cha
    Jun Qiao
    Guoxin Xue
    Yanjun Tang
    Zhijun Hu
    China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute
    China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute
    Huatai Paper Co. Ltd., Huatai Group
    Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd
    National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
    Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock Co. Ltd.
    Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
    Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
    Zhejiang University of Science & Technology
    Conference Scientific Committee
    Chair: Dr. Xingyu Jiang, Director of NMC of CTAPI; Deputy Director of the Key Lab of Biological Effects of Nanomaterials and Nanosafety, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology;
    Dr. ZhiHua Jiang
    Dr. Xuejun Zou
    Dr. Guigan Fang
    Dr. Derek Gray
    Dr. Emily Cranston
    Dr. Wei Shen
    Dr. Baohang Han
    Dr. Lihong Zhu
    Dr. Xutao Zhao
    Dr. Hak Lae Lee
    Dr. Shiyu Fu
    Dr. Yong Huang
    Dr. Shigenori Kuga
    Dr. Liangbing Hu
    Dr. Yonghao Ni
    Dr. Hidayah Ariffin
    Dr. Siqun Wang
    Dr. Eugenia Kumacheva
    Dr. Junyong Zhu
    Auburn University (USA)
    FPInnovations (Canada)
    Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products, CAF (China)
    McGill University (Canada)
    McMaster University (Canada)
    Monash University (Australia)
    National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (China)
    Northeastern University (USA)
    Petrochina Petrochemical Research Institute (China)
    Seoul National University (Korea)
    South China University of Technology (China)
    Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS (China)
    The University of Tokyo (Japan)
    University of Maryland (USA)
    University of New Brunswick (Canada)
    University of Putra Malaysia (Malaysia)
    University of Tennessee (USA)
    University of Toronto (Canada)
    USDA Forest Products Laboratory (USA)
    l Prof. Lijun Wang, Conference Secretary-General, Zhejiang University of Science & Technology
    n Tel: +86-571-8507-0376; Fax:+86-571-8507-0382; Mobile: +86-186-0651-3327
    n E-mail:
    n Address: No. 318, Liuhe Road, Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 301123, China
    l Dr. Yanjun Tang, Conference Secretary, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
    n Tel: +86-571-86843561; mobile: +86-158-6913-8037
    n Email:
    n Address: No. 928, Second Road, Xiasha Higher Education Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310018, China
    l Dr. Ruitao Cha, Conference Secretary, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
    n Tel: +86-10-82545621; Mobile: +86-13752018935;
    n Email:
    n Address: No. 11 Beiyitiao Zhongguancun, Beijing, 100190, China
    l Dr. Chao Tian
    n Tel: +86-10-64778072 ; Fax: +86-10-64778068; Mobile: +86-18612982185;
    n Email:
    n Address: Sinolight Plaza, No. 4 Qiyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100102, China

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    Zhejiang University of Science & Technology
    Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
     China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute

    National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
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